Monday, September 24, 2007

Conversation: Threaded SMS by Nokia

Nokia Beta Labs has released a very well awaited application that puts native threaded SMS abilities in your Nokia device.

Conversation is a messaging application that allows you to follow your conversations, organized by individual contacts. In addition, the application provides an easy way for replying to messages, and to continue the conversations.

What I find cool about this is that it integrates with your contact list. As Tommi informs, once the application is installed it appears in 2 spots. As a standalone app in your applications folder and in your contact list.

For more info, see Tommi's post. Also please remember to leave feedback on the Beta Labs site or on Tommi's blog.

Tommi Vilkamo of S60 Blogs has scored what must be the most exciting and stimulating job at Nokia, as the General Manager of Nokia Beta Labs.
Congratulations Tommi, you have already improved a great concept. I expect many, many more exciting new applications, services and ideas to come out of Nokia Beta Labs.

The latest addition to Nokia Beta Labs is a threaded SMS application called - Conversations. The lack of a built in threaded SMS application in Series 60, especially the Nokia Eseries devices, has been my pet peeve.

Nokia creating a threaded SMS application is a great step forward. The application is integrated with the address book, it creates an additional tab where all your conversations are stored. The application is easy to use and if the text is too long to be displayed on the screen the message text will automatically scroll so that you can easily read the message.

Thanks Nokia for listening to your requests!!!

Via: E-Series & DarlaMack