Friday, August 10, 2007

VPN Solution for Nokia E90

Many E90 owner was very surprised to understand VPN settings menu (VPN access point and VPN policies) is missing from E90 menus. You can check the manual and indeed there is no word about VPN except in glossary on page 81:
VPN: Virtual private network. VPN creates a secure connection to compatible corporate intranet and services, such as e-mail.

How could a business oriented device like E90 would lack VPN capabilities (which exist in other (older) E-series devices)? It’s sad. But don’t worry. You can always find another trick to solve problem like this. I do some litle search on uncle Google and found some interesting answer:

Some users just tried N80 VPN & it installed properly. It shows up under tools/settings/connections. I managed to find it on Australia and New Zealand Nokia N80 support page. Other user also report that VPN works as good as the one that E61 has built-in. If it will complain about expired certificate when you install the app, just make sure your phone clock is set before 12/06/2007. After install you can of course set correct time. VPN policy installs the same way as on E61 (and I guess other S60v3 devices).

For more detailed instruction, you can follow these threads: