Friday, August 3, 2007

Save Tons of SMS and Email with Best MessageStorer

I know some people like to keep their sms messages on their phone and collecting thousands message that actually almost never read it again. While storing thousands (5000 for example) message not a problem for Nokia 9500, opening text message on E90 will takes you about 2-3 minutes! Tough E90 hardware much more superior than 9500, I think S60 v3 UI limiting this performance (cmiiw).

Well, maybe E90 or S60’s phone isn´t designed for that amount of data (SMS).But If you want to keep all of your SMS-es, you can save them as plain text or documents.

You can do it manually by move the messages from the archive folders to the inbox, each in turn, and moved them to the pc, then deleted them from the E90. But this steps is not too practical. I prefer using application like Best MessageStorer from Best MessageStorer lets you easily and conveniently save your SMS, MMS, emails in a text or CSV file.

* Allows saving messages as text file. The text file contains detailed information about the message in easy-to-view representation. This file can be opened on your PC with Notepad;
* Allows storing messages as CSV (comma-separated values) file. CSV is a structured file containing messages and their properties in separate fields. Such file can be easily imported in Excel or any other software working with CSV format;
* Allows sorting messages by type, date/time, sender;
* A filter allows selecting messages by type (SMS, MMS or Email);

How to start:
Best MessageStorer has an intuitive user interface made in conformity with the concept of user interface for S60 3rd edition. Best MessageStorer looks alike with the inbuilt Messaging application, allowing to navigate through Inbox, Outbox etc.

To save your messages you should do the following:
1. Select the messages you wish to save. To select several messages you can use Pen + cursor, or menu command Mark.
2. Choose a way of saving messages using Save message(s) menu. Following the process of saving, indicate disk for saving messages and file name.
3. To send the file to your PC, open system application "File mgr.", which can be found in "Organizer" folder of phone's main menu, locate the file created in the process of saving and transfer it to your PC using Send command of File mgr.

Download Best MessageStorer Here