Friday, August 31, 2007

Nokia E90 Blank Display!

Your Nokia E90 internal screen gone blank? Don’t Panic! Just read some users with their “experience” :

“So I just got my new E90 a few days ago, and since day one, the following has happened on and off: sometimes when I flip the phone open, the outside screen and keyboard stay active and the inside ones remain completely off. Usually just flipping the phone shut again and re-opening it did the trick. This afternoon, I flipped it open, and it just won't activate the inner screen and keyboard. I've tried removing the battery and resetting and such, but to no avail. The outside screen still works just fine in all respects - even when the phone is opened up, though! Has anyone else had this happen? Does anyone know what to do?” Ojikun.

“Hey all..I hope someone can help. I opened up my e90 and the internal screen has gone blank. Ive tried adjusting the light settings, wiggling the screen, Ive even done a hard reset to no avail. When you boot up the phone it does show up the Nokia logo but the screen is not lit up, then it just goes dark. Any ideas? Cheers!” Jetspeed.

Are you have similiar problem like this? Well, don’t be panic. The problem probably not as serious as you tought. Nokia E90 just have an allergic with Magnet!

There is magnetic switch, which can be jammed. Try to open an shut clamshell several times and leave it open for longer period. This have helped in some cases.

Are you using a flip case with magnets? If yes, then change your case with non-magnetic case. The case you bought for the E90 may have caused a problem as it has a magnet inside.