Monday, August 20, 2007

MyFax: Fax Solution for Nokia e90

Based on polling at my-symbian, more than 80% of Nokia E90 owner want the Fax feature on their phone back. Though this feature is rarely used for personal use, but there are many E90 owner still need it to support their business. I Also think the FAX is a must to make the new communicator a communicator.

Why Nokia E90 is not providing built-in support to send or receive faxes? This is not because Nokia chose to waive/drop the fax - function , but it is one sequels of 3G- standards not having support for fax. So, never hope to find built-in fax feature in next 3G phone from Nokia or another phone manufacturer.

If you still want get fax feature on your E90, you can try some alternative like online fax services. Online fax services bridge the divide between the Internet and fax machines, providing inbound and outbound fax capabilities without the need for an actual fax machine. The online services are also always on and don't run out of paper or toner. Since they're online, they are available wherever you may be. There are a whole bunch of different online fax services available today offering a wide range of features, functionality and pricing. One of the best is MyFax from by Protus IP Solutions Inc

Even Cheaper Than Traditional Fax….
MyFax is an online fax service used by individuals and companies throughout North America and Europe to send and receive faxes using their email accounts or the Internet. According to the company’s website, MyFax registers over 10,000 new subscribers every month. The service targets two large groups of customers: personal & small business, and corporate.

For the first category of users, MyFax offers 100 send and 200 receive pages for a $10 monthly fee, which is more than what similar services provide. MyFax also offers inbound message notification and delivery confirmation emails, as well as an integrated email to fax option within Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, Microsoft Outlook, and Lotus Notes. Documents can be sent directly from your email, or by following the File/Send to/Mail Recipient path in your Word, Excel or PowerPoint application. Unlike eFax and TrustFax, MyFax offers Contact List Import/Export, Multiple recipients and Scheduled Sending options. However, its online storage limit is 1 year only.

Faxing to Japan - it's just $0.10 per page. In fact, you can fax to most major countries (UK, Europe, Japan, China....) for just $0.10 per page. That's considerably cheaper than you'll find elsewhere! And, in a review of Internet fax services, PC Magazine rates MyFax the best value for price of industry competitors.

For corporate clients, MyFax provides secure fax communications, with full reporting, tracking, and audit. The secure connection options include encryption, transport layer security (TLS) and virtual private networks (VPN). Significant savings are also achieved through the elimination of fax servers and cutting down deployment and ongoing costs. MyFax services can be easily integrated in various organizations, as MyFax XML Web Services provides secure faxing and HTTP post, SOAP Toolkit and SOAP over HTTP.

MyFax’s email faxing is perfect, with the exception that you need to roll the cover pages on your own. However, if you need to use the Web interface, there are several problems. Two less serious difficulties are the fact that MyFax website does not save your login details, and it doesn’t support Mozilla Firefox. The most significant problem, though, comes up when you want to send a fax using the Web interface. For instance, if you need to attach a document, you have to click Add Document and then wait for two other windows to pop up (Browse and Send Fax, respectively).

The service also includes eContacts, an address book option which can be accessed via the Web interface. Clear MyFax statistics and account balance are available 24/7 so that you can make sure you don’t go over your send and receive limit. MyFax supports 45 file formats, although GIF and Photoshop are not included. For Outlook users, there is a free download option which adds a toolbar button for faxing. MyFax has toll free 24-hour technical support from Monday to Friday, and 10-hour days during the weekend. However, e-mail support can be used the rest of the time.

“I have had a great experience using MyFax. I have been using it for a few months now and have had no problems whatsoever. I have sent faxes to offices that my company works with, and use the fax system as part of my automated website. Most people do not realize the power of MyFax. I have created a php script on my website that allows me to send a fax from my own website using my myfax account. I would recomend this service over having a noisy expensive fax machine any day. Plus it sure beats paying Kinkos $2.00 everytime you need to send a fax. As far as the cover sheet thing goes just add it to a document and attach the document. People make things more complicated then the system was intended. I have great results using MyFax and am pleased to be a customer. If you would like to see how I am using myfax on my website check out where the taxi companies recieve reservations via fax. Without myfax my system would simply not work”
Michael Whitney

“I am using MYFAX for a few months now and I am very pleased with the service. It saved me money because I use to have a telephone line to operate a fax machine.Now I dont need it anymore.And I used it recently to broadcast faxes to my customers to notify them of my new address”
Gilles Labonte,
Flexiseel Canada

“I am a subcontractor in home health. I picked internet fax for a few reasons: I have no home phone line (only a cell phone); I need to send and receive reports, notes, etc. quickly; I need to send confidential information securely. I picked MyFax because it was cheap with no long term commitment, it gave me my own toll free fax number, and it uses a secure connection. I would recommend MyFax for small businesses who don't fax a lot but still want a personal fax number and secure exchange of information.

“If I could yell and scream from the rooftops, I would tell EVERYONE how pleased I am with the MyFax service! As a Realtor, it is imperative that I receive faxes with minimal distortion. MyFax provides me with that as WELL as the ability to receive faxes wherever I am able to get my e-mail. I was on vacation last week in Tampa and there was no fax machine in the house. I had three important documents I need to receive and your service allowed me to get them and take care of the issues that needed to be addressed. I have told several Realtors about MyFax and they told me they are definitely signing up! Keep up the good work…your product is OUTSTANDING!”
K. Sullivan
Foster Realtors.

“MyFax has been a lifesaver - I was on vacation and found it great to get documents faxed to me. I could just pick them up on the web. I had signed up because I didn't fax enough to use a dedicated fax line in my office. This has been a great plus. Myfax was recomended to me by a friend - I'm a trucker and have been using fax machines at truck stops, etc. to fax dispatchers / customs. MyFax saves me a lot of money compared to the $3 per page I was paying before”