Wednesday, June 13, 2007

World first E90 Launch!

Nokia E90 Communicator finally launched in Jakarta today, June 13, 2007. The launch is several hours earlier than Finland (its launch in same day). So we can say that the launch at Jakarta is the first E90 launch in the world…

The launch is separate in two days. The first one is special just for press and exclusive communicator-community members. Community members can get the E90 earlier (today), but its limited by “only” 500 ( update: 1000) unit. I think the stock will sold out just in one or two hours! As you can see in the photos, a very big ballroom in Gran Melia hotel is even not enough to accommodate Indonesian E90 mania. To get the phone, you must pay about US$1,230 (10.9 million Rupiah). Its still cheaper than buying it at any cellular shop. You have to pay at least $1500 to get one!

For general consumer, they can get the phone tomorrow at the same place. This will became the real launch! You will see not just hundreds, but thousands people queuing for the E90 (just like Nokia N9500 launch 3 years ago). I will give the complete coverage tomorrow night. So keep watching!

Ps: I still try to upload some photos, but my connection still in problem. if you interested with other and bigger phots, just email me. At the launch today, Nokia also give one E61i and E90 as doorprice. Unfortunately I’m not the winner . They just give me a Victorinox knife as souvenir. Damn! Why they (PR) always give Victorinox knife as souvenir? A have so many Victorinox in my bag now! Just gimme the E90!!!