Saturday, June 30, 2007

SYMBTChat for Nokia S60 3rd edition v1.5

SYMBTChat application is meant for chatting between two persons using devices which are Bluetooth enabled. The peculiarity of this program is one User can find all the active bluetooth devices in his vicinity and have a continuous chat through the application or send messages to any other device depending on whether the application is running on other device or not.

If the Other device is also having the SYMBTChat application running, then they can have a continuous chat through the application. If the other device does not have the SYMBTChat application running, the message will be delivered to the inbox. Switching over between the inbox message delivery and the continuous chat through application is completely automated.

SYMBTChat allows you to chat in Nokia 2nd edition as well as 3rd edition phones which are bluetooth enabled. Even though the Installation file is different for these Editions, you can chat between a 2nd edition and a 3rd edition phone as well.

You can get the application HERE