Friday, June 29, 2007

Hiding Your Secret Image

As a mobile office, your communicator is your private room. You have so many secret information that won’t be share with anyone. For protecting files, there are some apps to protect, password, or hiding the files. For images, you can use a very simple and can be done for free with my favorite freeware browser - Y-Browser.

Basically, Y-Browser is a file manager for Symbian OS devices. It implements most standard features on files (such as copy, cut, paste, etc) & folders (create, remove, etc. Y-Browser is freeware and currently available for Series 60 (including 3rd edition devices. It means you can use this freeware for E90.

Why would you like to do this? Well, here are some exemples:
- You have taken some pictures with your camera that you don't want to show up in the Gallery in the phone, so however looks in the phone can see them.

- You have photos attached to your contacts that you don't want to take unnessesary space in the Gallery application.

- Other reasons I don't want to think of....;-)

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