Thursday, June 14, 2007

E90 Launch: Day Two

Ok, today is 2nd day of E90 Launch in Jakarta. General people (not only community members) could get the phone now. But of course it not easy because supply and demand is (very) not balanced. Here the story:

- people start to queuing at 1.00 Am at Grand Melia hotel.
- I ask the policeman, there are about 3000 people queuing since the night. Unfortunately Nokia only have stock about 750 unit !
- You only can buy E90 if you have credit or debit card from BCA (Bank Central Asia). Nokia not receiving cash or other debit card.
- One person only may buy one phone. The credit card and ID card must be same name/owner.

- About 40 policeman and 2 Dogs seen in front of ballroom to protect buyers from thief (yes, there are so many thief at Nokia 9500 launch three years ago).
- Many people feel regret because have to back home without E90.
- Many of buyers are scalpers! Ya, they sell again the phone for about 15-17 million Rupiah. So they get about $400-500 just in some hours (that big enough for people here).

Here comment from Dave, he doesnt get the phone: “I have just given up queuing at the Gran Melia, Jakarta after getting squashed and pushed around by the security guards for over 1 hour. Not worth it for the chance of getting only 1 of 750 units they have for sale!!!

Most of those queuing are not genuine buyers but the staff from dealers in the city looking to make a quick sale on the E90 after they get one. One girl queuing beside me said she was offered one for 18 million Rupiah (they (Nokia) are selling them for 10.9million) so some are trying there luck to make a few extra on them where they can!!!

I think I will wait a few weeks for them to arrive in the shops and the price to drop a little before I buy!!”